Welcome to The iiSH!

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Guys, we’re finally here! We are The iiSH, and–

You [in Valley Girl voice]: Er, what does that even mean? 

Well, in more formal terms, the iiSH stands for Indigenous Intellectual Sovereignty Hub. “Intellectual sovereignty,” popularized in American Indian Studies by Dr. Robert Warrior (Osage), is a term that recognizes the importance of free thought while also implying a sense of responsibility to tribal communities. This thought is rooted in our tribal communities, but can also be influenced by outside cultures and communities. As our Indigenous cultures are ever-evolving, our expressions of ourselves are not static nor stuck in the past.

We are adapters, adopters, and change-makers.

Here at The iiSH, we chose to use the term “Indigenous” for a reason. We understand that borders are socially-constructed and often imposed upon Indigenous populations. Thus, we intend to explore connections between global Indigenous communities, as well as linkages to other marginalized populations with the content that we create.

You [in surfer dude voice—we don’t know why you changed it up, you just did]: Uh, ok. Cool name, bro, but what do you actually do?

The iiSH provides media content specifically geared toward Native peoples, cultures, and interests. For Natives, by Natives, The iiSH houses a wide variety of content including articles, blogs, gifs, lists, live streams, memes, photo essays, podcasts, and videos.

By combining entertainment, news, and education all in one website, The iiSH provides a repository for Native-created, shareable media content that will challenge and dispel stereotypes, empower our Native communities, and give the world more accurate and authentic representations and stories of Indigenous people.

You [finally using your normal voice]: Uhhhh… I still kind of don’t get it… 

That’s ok. We still like you. Basically we create weekly content that we hope you’ll love. Sometime soon, we’ll come atcha with daily content. But bear with us in our infancy. Most things like this start out, er… kinda iish-y. <–See what we did there?

We hope you enjoy what you see, and don’t you fret, there’s more iiSH on the way!

Much love,

The iiSH Team


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